LIVING BEFORE COVID –Was this safe for health ?

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Were we living a sound life before corona infection?

Was our life, full of gatherings and functions, reasonably safe from hazards?

Despite too much concern regarding safety of electronic appliances, home and car no one ever thought on self safety , in an environment full of unnecessary contact. Every one entering any school ,institution,bank,social functions after reasonable act of saying greetings then unnecessarily shakes and embraces each other .No doubt we all over the world likes and love these type of warm expressions.To pay price of such unnecessary contacts in form of drugs used for infections is not only a huge amount of money loss but some time morbidity and mortality from newly emerging dangerous pathogens.Was our education regarding infection and health care appropriate ? Surely big no,it was absolutely wrong way of life. From East to West to America we livid a life , not safe at all despite several dangerous infections other than covid like AIDS hepatitis and tuberculosis.. These type of behaviors are universal ways of expression.No one was able to evaluate the hazards of such jubilation until corona compelled us to introduce distancing.However instead of accepting it for self help all strongly refused it,rather people refused corona virus, a thing compelling them for restrictions .

Refusal to healthcare was condemned by those well aware of this infection and labelled people as very stupid.This is not a matter of anger.Public is innocent.they like life full of colors and thrills.It is a psychological refuse to gave up such life full of activities.To protect such activities they denied the disease.

World is a global village.Every part is connecting to far away site due to travelling and business.Good items are not the only thing to spread. Hazardous materials like addicting chemicals and diseases spread as well from one corner of world to other.

Despite so much research and recommendation most of people ignored knowledge. What is the advantage of going abroad for higher education.Why at start whole world fail to contain this deadly disease in china collectively by taking share from each country to support their citizens.Why well educated precious persons died despite knowledge.

Purpose of this writing is never to blame any body.We should think with cool mind on mistakes to be corrected for future safety of each individual.World is a global village.Now safety of an american contributes to health safety of a person in Africa and India.If one is not safe then other will suffer.

This should now be realized that health safety as a priority subject should be taught rather than algebra and mathematics from school to higher classes.Principles of sterilizations and self care should be the main targets. Special health problems of current world like infection, obesity ,diabetes,s AIDS Tuberculosis and ethics should be major text of each class.Health awareness at media should be maximized. Every one must be realized that he is a member of health team rather than coming as clients and patient’ attendant to health care facility.

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