“Quote (Hadith) of the day”

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“Smokey..The Princess”

Wearing a necklace

Red and gold

That makes me a princess

Beautiful and bold

Most of the time

Am quite and calm

Yet have many

Secrets the untold

And I am the “Princess”

Of my name

Keep wearing the necklace

That is my charm

Poetry credit

© Hiba Syed~H&S

All rights reserved

Beauty lies in the heart

A young girl

Stepped down from her bed

In the cold night bare feet

Went out from the room eagerly

Chased by her mother

Wandered in the backyard

Here and there

As if waiting for someone

Very special and rare

And then she found him

She found him who is her dear

And now he was here to allure her

And he was the “Full Moon”

Who was awaited for sure

She was dazzed..

Looking at the moon

With her large brown eyes

As if he was appeared just for her

Unaware of her mother standing behind the door

Trying to stop her tears

Wondered on the innocent gestures of her daughter

Because she knows

She knows her daughter is a “Special” kid with a beautiful soul

Poetry credit

© Hiba Syed~H&S

All rights reserved

Little Princess

A little cute kitten

Wearing a CROWN

Made of woollen stuff

Red,green and brown

Making her very proud

As she is the princess of her own THRONE

Poetry credit

© Hiba Syed~H&S

All rights reserved

Hot line

How he used to complain to me!
So many people come between us we cannot talk.
In the season’s first rain, first snow,
full-moon nights, evening’s mild fragrance,
morning’s blue cool, how helpless!
How the heart aches!
Today between him and me there is no third.
There can be contact with a slight movement of the hand.
But how many seasons have passed since hearing that voice.
It is not hard for me to call upon him,
but the truth is the voices and the accents do not have the same tones.
The tune is the same but the hearts are not close enough.

“Parveen Shakir”

Translated from the Urdu by Alamgir Hashmi

“When neither you exist nor I exist”

Learn oh absorbing love that neither the obsession (for the beloved) is left nor and the object of love is survived. The only thing that is left is a state of self-unconsciousness: where neither you exist nor I exist.

“Siraj Aurangabadi”

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